Understanding the Experiences of Work and its Effects on Health and Well-Being

Featured Post – November 26, 2022

Do you have more freedom at work since the pandemic hit?

More and more Canadians say they do

A-QWELS Project

Description: The American Quality of Work and Economic Life Study (also known as “A-QWELS” for short) is comprised of a series of nationally representative surveys of American workers.   The first survey took place in November of 2020 with 4,024 workers. We then conducted another survey of 2,505 workers in November of 2021. In January of 2022, we…

C-QWELS Project

Description: The Canadian Quality of Work and Economic Life Study (also known as “C-QWELS” for short) is a nationally representative survey of Canadian workers.    The first survey took place in September of 2019 with 2,500 workers. We then followed up with a new survey of another 2,500 workers in March of 2020.    Combining those two…

CAN-WSH Project

Description: The Canadian Work, Stress, and Health study (CAN-WSH) is a nationally representative longitudinal survey of the Canadian workforce.   The objective is to study the demands and resources in work and family life and their implications for stress and health among Canadians over time. Data collection began in 2011 with approximately 6,000 Canadians across all regions…